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The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 cases and covers


Baili Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Leather Case features: Comes in black, grey, pink, purple, and green | Made with polycarbonate

Baili’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 leather cases come in ten different colors that range from neutrals to pastels. The Z Flip 5 is already a pocketable, portable phone, but with an attached finger ring on this leather case you can free up even more hand real estate by carrying your phone on your finger. 

The case has an HD mirror finish for yellowing- and deformation-protection, a military grade protective cover, and a camera screen protector to keep your new phone’s lens scratch-free. Baili also came out with other Z Flip 5 case designs, one that is more bare-bones and basic and another that offers a funkier wave design. At $31, this case is a middle-of-the-road option for a protective, handy, and stylish phone carrier. 

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