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The best laptop deals right now


We searched for laptop deals at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, and also at the websites of leading manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer, and Asus. We also used various price trackers to ensure that a claimed deal wasn’t spurious.

We have concentrated on quality products from leading vendors, as discounts on these laptops are likely to be most sought-after by potential buyers.

When compiling the list of the best deals, we considered the following:

  • Price: Naturally, the price point of our recommended laptops has to include a worthwhile discount. While some discounts are small in relation to an overall price tag – for example, $30 off a $150 device – and other discounts are in the hundreds of dollars, we wanted to ensure that in any case, it’s value for money.
  • Features: We included a range of laptops with features sure to appeal to you, including different screen sizes, processors, memory options, and storage. Furthermore, these laptops include varying levels of security, parental lock options, and display resolutions.
  • Use cases: At ZDNET, we also took into account different use cases. You might be in the market for a budget-friendly, basic laptop for a child, for example, or you may need a future-proof laptop suitable for work. Or, it might be a gaming device you’re after. So, we have compiled a set of recommendations based on different purposes. 

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