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Oura Ring users can now sync data with Strava – here’s how to turn it on

Oura Ring charging
Min Shin/ZDNET

Smart rings are a great way to track your fitness and health journey. Competition in this wearables market has been fierce, especially with the Samsung Galaxy Ring on its way and the Apple Ring reportedly “imminent”.

Oura — a smart ring that tracks your health, fitness, resilience, stress, and sleep — is making it a little harder for other companies to catch up through its partnership with Strava. 

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Now, the Oura Ring will track your daily activities and share the data with Strava. This is useful because you can now have “a more complete picture of your fitness and health,” according to Oura. You also can add Oura stickers — like your Sleep, Readiness, or Activity scores — to your Strava Activities feed. 

Your Strava activities will sync to your Oura data, which will count toward your Oura Activity Goal as well as help the app calculate your Oura Activity Score. 

Strava is an app that helps you track your runs, hikes, and bike rides using a GPS. Moreover, it allows you to connect with other fitness enthusiasts. You can compare your times for certain trails or routes with other Strava users through Strava segments. Becoming the fastest person on that segment gains you the title of King or Queen of the Mountain, or Course Record holder.  

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To sync your data, open your Oura app and click on the hamburger icon. Tap on Settings and scroll to the “Data sharing” section. Click on “Other apps” where you can find the Strava app in the “Available apps” section. Click on Continue and enter your Strava login information to allow permission for Strava to view your data. 

As smart rings continue to gain popularity — evident from the products showcased at CES 2024 — Oura and Strava are taking it a step further with the ability to integrate data for a better understanding of your daily activities and how they contribute to your health. It will be interesting to see how future smart rings will adapt to track fitness data. 

As of November of 2023, Oura had more than 600 partnerships and integrations in its ecosystem and it looks as though the number will continue to grow. 

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