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Deals: Amazon reduces prices of iPhone 15/15 Plus and iPhone 14/14 Plus by up to £150


Even Amazon’s Spring Deal Days couldn’t budge the iPhone Pro prices, but the vanilla models from the iPhone 14 and 15 generation are up to £150 off.

The iPhone 15 is smaller than most smartphones, but the Apple A16 chipset and the company’s long term software support mean that it punches above its weight. And while the battery isn’t huge, the 13:20h active use score is better than many flagships get.

Apple iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 Plus has a 6.7” display, as large as the 15 Pro Max, though it is a 60Hz LTPS panel. This generation saw the adoption of the Dynamic Island for a slightly more modern look and the 48MP main camera offers some in-sensor zoom (a dedicated zoom lens is reserved for the Pros).

Apple iPhone 15 Plus

And did we mention that the 15 series has a USB-C port (only v2.0 for data transfers, but it does have DisplayPort). If you can live without those things or even if you don’t want to swap out all your Lightning cables, the iPhone 14 is at least £100 cheaper than the 15.

Apple iPhone 14

Similarly, the iPhone 14 Plus is at least £100 less than its successor, going up to £140 cheaper in the case of the 256GB unit.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus

You might want to pick up some cases for your new phone. With the iPhone 15 series, Apple discontinued the official leather cases and replaced them with FineWoven cases. These don’t have the longevity of leather cases, though, so you might want to go with silicone.

iPhone 15 case
iPhone 15 Plus case

The iPhone 14 generation was the last one with leather cases by Apple, but of course you can grab a silicone one instead.

iPhone 14 case
iPhone 14 Plus case

The feature gap between the Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 9 is even smaller than with the iPhone 14 to 15. The Apple S9 chip helped improve battery life and storage was doubled to 64GB. A potentially more important change is that the new display peaks at 2,000 nits, while the Series 9 display only goes up half as high. This makes a real difference on a sunny day. Still, the Series 8 is cheaper and a Series 10 should release this Autumn.

Apple Watch Series 8

Finally, here’s a wildcard – the Meta Quest 2 is down to £200. It’s less capable than the Quest 3, but it costs less than half. This is a good first way to dip your toes into VR as the headset is popular and widely supported by games. We’d like to link the Apple Vision Pro, but let’s just say that adding an extra zero wouldn’t be enough to cover the price (the Vision Pro isn’t even officially available in the UK).

Meta Quest 2

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