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Motorola’s new Edge 50 Pro bares all in latest leak, revealing specs and features


An avalanche of information has recently leaked for Motorola’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Edge 50 Pro revealing nearly everything from specs to features.

The company posted a few teasers on its Indian X account (the platform formerly known as Twitter) of what the device will be capable of. But much of the details actually come from a listing page found on Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce platform. There, it’s revealed the Edge 50 Pro sports an 6.7-inch, curved pOLED display outputting 1.5K resolution (2,712 x 1,220 pixels) and has a refresh rate of 144Hz. Motorola is seemingly putting a lot of work into making the viewing experience as immersive as possible. Not only does it support the entire DCI-P3 color gamut, the company claims the screen is the “world’s first Pantone validated display”. 

Pantone, if you’re not familiar, is a company best known for creating the Pantone Matching System, a color standard used in a variety of industries. With this standard in place on the Edge 50 Pro, Motorola states the screen will be able to accurately show off colors and skin tones. 

AI-powered features

Accurate color portrayal is slated to play a major role on the Edge 50 Pro’s rear camera array as the lenses are also “Pantone validated.” While we’re on the topic, the device’s camera system is said to have AI technology powering at least five other features. Keep in mind, none of these have official descriptions explaining what they do, although their respective names offer enough insight to paint a picture. 

Edge 50 Pro's Panton Validation

(Image credit: Motorola/Flipkart)

Adaptive Stabilization will probably ensure subjects in a photo or video remain centered at all times. Auto Focus Tracking will likely do just that – automatically focus on moving people. Photo Enhancement Engine, as the name suggests, will probably improve the quality of a picture. Style Sync sounds like an on-device generative AI tool that might create, say, unique wallpapers on the fly similar to the Pixel 8.

Tilt Mode is the last AI-powered feature mentioned. It was tough figuring out what this could be, however we believe it’ll function similarly to the OnePlus 12’s Tilt-Shift Mode. What it does is allow users to manipulate how a camera lens focuses on a subject resulting in an interesting visual effect. A cross-section of a photograph is crystal clear while the top and bottom are blurry, which can have a miniaturizing effect on the image.

Flipkart’s page hints that’s how the Edge 50 Pro’s Tilt Mode will work. There’s an image of a woman with a clear view of her face surrounded by a hazy background. But without official confirmation, it’s hard to say for sure.


The only other tidbit we learn is the camera system will be led by a 50MP sensor. However, notable industry insider Abhishek Yadav shared more details about the smartphone on X. 

He claims the model will house a 13MP ultra-wide lens as well as a 4,500mAh battery. And it’ll all run on the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset. Yadav concludes his post by stating the Edge 50 Pro will launch in India on April 3. It’ll be available in three different colors: black, lavender, and white with marble-like texture. 

Motorola Edge 50 Pro lavender

(Image credit: Motorola/Flipkart)

Now the question is whether this smartphone will launch elsewhere. Most likely, yes. Notebook Check in their coverage points out there’s a high chance the mobile device will be rebranded as the 2024 version of the Motorola Edge Plus in the United States. We are missing a new model and the company’s latest phone appears to be the likely contender. No word when we’ll see a global release although we did ask.

Until we hear back, check out TechRadar’s list of the best Motorola phones for 2024.

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