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The best MagSafe battery packs of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed


Belkin Boostcharge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank battery specs: Capacity: 5,000mAh | Charging Port: USB-C | Power button: Yes 

Let me start by saying that I really like this battery pack. While this Belkin pack is a true embodiment of a classic brick-style battery booster, there is a place in my heart for it because it just works so well. Similarly to many picks on this list, it provides 5,000mAh of extra juice to your phone, which is a pretty standard capacity in terms of MagSafe packs. Its design–though simple–fits snug against my phone (no bumping onto the lip of my camera lens) and remains secure. Often, you’ll see some gapping between the battery and the phone thanks to a disturbed magnetic connection, but not with this Belkin battery pack. 

Its secure grip and competitive battery speak for themselves. While testing this pack last month, my iPhone went from 26% to 62% in just one hour, and this was while I ran music in the background at the gym. What’s more is that it comes with a built in stand that easily swings in and out — no folding required — and while I originally thought this would be useless, I rather enjoyed being able to prop my phone up whenever. Perhaps the best thing about this Belkin pack is that it comes in a few fun colors, which is a nice feature many competitors still haven’t matched. 

Overall, the only flaw I found while testing this battery pack is its size. It is, in comparison to others on this list, just a bit thicker overall and protrudes more noticeably off the phone. Regardless, I love this battery pack — chunky or not. 

Current Amazon reviewers liked the charging speed and size of this power bank, saying it fits into pockets, works well for travel, and easily affixes to your phone. Some users were disappointed that their phone did not receive a full charge from this pack, but keep in mind that your total battery boost will depend on factors like what you’re doing on your phone while it charges and the model of your phone. 

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